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Alexis is an accomplished fashion designer, having been in the industry for 10 years. She has worked for several big UK companies and brands, specialising in streetwear and surfwear.

She is an animal lover, and a dog mum to 3 chihuahuas.

Her love for her dogs and her love for clothing has been the inspiration behind this brand. A dog clothing brand based on clean design with a "human" streetwear look- something she believes is missing from the UK dog clothing market.



Pancho is a 4 year old tiny fawn chihuahua, and was Alexis’ first dog. He enjoys wearing most clothes ( He hates onesies!) and relishes posing for the camera. 

On her travels around the world as a designer, Alexis always stopped off at pet shops to bring back unusual items for Pancho to wear and do fun photoshoots in. With a wardrobe already full of stylish dog clothing from Japan, Hong Kong, the USA and Australia, it seemed like a natural progression to give Pancho, such an established fashionista, his own brand…. and so….Pancho’s Wardrobe was born.


Pictured: Pancho with his brothers Diego and Domino. 


COMFORT FOR THE DOG is always at the forefront of all Pancho’s Wardrobe designs. We believe that the dogs happiness should always come first, and would never advocate dressing a dog that is distressed by wearing clothing.