To (tie) dye for!

Here at Pancho’s wardrobe we love textiles, art, fashion and decor.. and Tie Dye techniques are one of those things that can be applied across all of these categories. Alexis (who is trained in fashion and textiles design) loves experimenting with tie dye in all walks of her life. So naturally she thought she had to try and tie dye some t-shirts for dogs too!

Last summer we ordered plain white dog tshirts in our signature shape … and tentatively dyed up some of these in different tie dye techniques and colours. With the success of these styles the remaining amount have been dyed up this summer and are now up for sale- but bear in mind these are now really limited in numbers and selling out fast!

Tie dye is a lot of fun but it is a hard skill to master- the process involves folding and tying the garment with elastic bands,… then picking your colours wisely and applying the dye very very carefully!! A bright vivid combination can look really striking and like you've stepped straight back into the 60’s… but sometimes you can’t beat a tonal combination of all blues or all pinks to give you the perfect surfer dude look!

Whichever colour combination takes your fancy, we have mixed Alexis’ passion for creating art and fashion with her dog clothing brand to produce an explosion of colour that we totally love!! We do not know any other dog brand on the whole planet that tie dyes dog t-shirts… and we are very proud that we are the only people doing this!

Below you can find our latest availability… these have sold too fast to put each individual one on our to secure your one of a kind tie dye t-shirt for your dog email us with your selection.

All our tie dye t-shirts for dogs are available for sizes XXS-M, so they cover the smallest chihuahuas and will fit many other small dog shapes and sizes too.

(See our measurement chart to clarify what size your pup would be. )

Inspired by the success of these doggy tie dye tees Alexis has also developed her own womenswear line of tie dye vests… you can find them here! If you've always dreamed of twinning with your pup this is the way to do it!

Thanks for reading everyone, Peace out!

Published 08 Aug 2017
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