Nautical and nice: our signature sailor t-shirt for dogs

Our sailor stripe tee was the first t-shirt we designed for our debut collection. Pancho’s wardrobe HQ is situated by one of the many beautiful beaches in Poole, Dorset, and to us this t-shirt was an ode to where we live, where we and are dogs are most happy; by the beach and the sea.

When you live by the beach it quickly becomes a part of your soul, for your dogs as much as for you. The sand between your toes (or your paws) and the cool refreshing sea are addictive. The beach lifestyle quickly becomes your way of life and therefore influences your style.

It makes us all the more happy then, that for beach dwellers and city folk alike, our sailor stripe dog tee has become our bestseller, so much so that we have developed it in a new version with a wider stripe!

We love seeing customer photos of this t-shirt in particular, because of our connection to its roots… here are just a few of our amazing pup friends rocking it sailor style!!

When we design apparel for dogs here at Pancho’s wardrobe, we try to think in terms of what would you as owners like to wear. We aim to make our doggy clothing as fashionable as a clothing brand for humans would be…. that way it stands out from the competition, and gives you a truly unique and stylish piece of doggy clothing to treasure!

To find out more, view our navy striped dog tee and wide striped dog tee in our shop.

Published 24 Sep 2016
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