March meet the maker (and the muse)

who are we

Hello there! Thanks for coming to check out our March meet the maker blog!

I am Alexis, and I started Pancho’s wardrobe 2 years ago. I am the little lady behind Pancho’s wardrobe (literally- i never made it to 5ft tall- sigh.) I design all the clothing, make the accessories, and run our social media, and if you’ve ever been to one of the shows we attend you will also have met me because I man all the stalls!


For the past 10 years I have been a womenswear designer, but took the plunge to start Pancho’s Wardrobe because of my ever growing obsession with my dogs ( and every other dog out there!)

We are a one woman business, but I could not get by without my family. The support of my husband is very important - he builds all our awesome stall furniture, paints our signs and generally does all the heavy lifting. Then of course there’s our 3 chihuahuas- Pancho, Diego and Domino, who are the best models and “P.W” advocates!

Pancho is the brand’s muse and namesake. Not only was he our first dog, but he has always looked amazing in clothes and accessories, and loves posing for the camera. Diego likes to stay out of the limelight a little, preferring to guard the house from would be intruders (Cats and pigeons beware!) Then we have Diego’s dad Domino- who is the heart breaker/ scene stealer at a lot of our events. Our dogs are 100% part of our family. In fact they even attended our wedding!

The pups are wearing jackets from one of our favourite dog brands PETHAUS , and collars and leads from our good friends at DITSYPET

Our process- why make in india

It is through my contacts in the design industry that I have been able to source manufacture for our dog clothing. I have worked with factories in India to develop shapes that will be comfortable for the dog and fit like a glove, and to find high quality fabrics that we can use in small runs to create limited edition pieces for your pet!

To produce pet clothing in India with a trusted company that I have known for years means that I can have faith that my products are made in quality factories with fair treatment of their staff. I feel passionately about not producing dog clothes in China, due to the cruel dog meat trade that exists there, and so India is a better option for us for this reason also!

(If you would like to know more about the Chinese dog meat trade there is a lot of information on the internet, including ways to support charities working to help put a stop to it and free the animals involved.)

Why small businesses need your support

The reason March meet the maker is such a great concept is because behind every small business there is a person, or a few people, who really care. They are passionate about what they do, and every sale is such a big thing to them! For you to understand who the person is can help build the business into a real success- so I hope now you feel like you know me and the P.W family a little better! When you buy from a small brand you get a unique product, better customer service, and you keep a community alive. You put food on their table, clothe their children (furry or not!) and you support a dream! And after all that is what Pancho’s wardrobe is all about….the dream to do what i love and share it with you guys.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our March meet the maker, and we hope to see you soon at one of our shows, or on our social media xx

Published 16 Mar 2018
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