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This is Pancho the first addition to our family.

He is intelligent, knowing a whole host of tricks, he is fearless- totally unaware of his tiny stature, and he has the kind of handsome face that everyone falls in love with!

He unapologetically prefers people to dogs, and loves all the attention on him- especially in a photo shoot!

He has typical chihuahua traits…all the cuteness…and all the bark!!


His size: as a tiny 1.9kg he falls into the XXS size, along with most puppies!

Favourite treat: natural chicken treats

Favourite toy: anything paper or cardboard he can rip to pieces

Newest trick: play dead


Diego - the second member of our pack

Diego is the loyal, brave protector of Pancho, even though he is technically his little brother he dwarfs pancho at twice his size! His nickname is “Piggy”- due to the snorting noises he makes whenever he is smelling a new smell, or sleeping, or moving….

The bodyguard of our household- he will take on any plumbers ankles he can get hold of!

He likes to chase big dogs…cats…. rabbits…. anything he can!


His size: a big strong 3kg and he wears an XS/ S

Favourite treat: dried sprats (really stinky fish)

Favourite toy: the “chocolate" donut

Newest trick: high 5!


Domino is father to Diego - adopted later in life when he needed a good home this stud-dog turned beloved pet is the biggest softy of them all. He gives endless kisses and snuggles, and plays for hours with diego as if they had never been separated!

He is the fluffiest member of the pack.

He is not afraid of puddles or mud (unfortunately for our house!)

He is a wiz at all doggy brain games.


His size: 2.5kg he fits an XS as if it was made for him (it kind of was as our chi’s were our primary fit models!)

Favourite treat: Any food…of any kind… in the whole world…ever…anything!

Favourite toy: The “strawberry” donut

Newest trick: Just to be still for 5 minutes is an achievement for this hyper pup! but we love him for it!

The Panchos Wardrobe Pack

Published 15 Aug 2016
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